Survival Camp

Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp   [DANNY & THE DINOSAUR GO TO CAM] [Prebound] - Syd•(Author) ; Hoff,  Syd(Illustrator) Hoff

Danny the Dinosaur goes to camp and spends time with his friend. The dinosaur was included in every activity they did at camp. In my classroom we would read this book and discuss what it would be like to bring a dinosaur with you around everywhere. We then would play a game called "I'm going on a picnic" but instead it would be called "I'm going to camp". I would explain the rules to the students. The first student would say, I am going on to camp and going to bring an "Axe". Each student after that would have to repeat what the rest of the class said and continue on with each letter of the alphabet. This would help with brain exercises and learning letter of the alphabet.


Intended Audience/Grade Level: 1st Grade